Yoga in Brussels
Soulyoga by Simone


by Simone
Welcome to Soulyoga!
Let's get together for Hatha yoga classes
Relaxed and cosy atmosphere, small groups (3-6 people)
Come and try it!

Yoga classes

Wednesdays 07:30-08:30 am
in Ixelles

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Originally from Germany, I came to Brussels in 2012 and soon started practicing yoga regularly. In 2016 I decided to go a step further and do a 200-hour teacher training.

As a Yogalife teacher I would like to pass on my passion and share it with you.

To me yoga is a great combination of body and mind work. The breath is a great tool and it helps the body relax – not only while being in a yoga pose!

I have come to realise that yoga can change your whole attitude towards life and this is why it is something so special to me.

On weekends I like going to the seaside (see picture) and being in nature in general to recharge my batteries.

When you do things from your SOUL,
you feel a river moving in you, a JOY.
Find things that SHINE
and move towards them.
‐Mia Farrow
If you have good thoughts,
they will shine out of your face like sunbeams.
‐Roald Dahl
The goal of life is not to reach a point where you do not experience negative emotions and experiences.
The goal is to strengthen your connection with what holds you through it all.
‐Hollie Holden